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S1264 RACK 144 TB (02541-001)

AXIS Camera Station S1264 Rack 144 TB is an out-of-the-box ready recording server validated for reliable ultra high-definition recording. For quick and easy installation, AXIS S1264 Rack 144 TB is preconfigured and preloaded with AXIS Camera Station video management software including licenses for 64 devices plus all necessary software. The AXIS Recorder Toolbox and its installation wizard will ensure every customer installation is quick and trouble-free. The system configuration can easily be imported from AXIS Site Designer, and AXIS Camera Station lets users take full advantage of Axis wide range of video surveillance devices. With redundant enterprise-grade hard drives and power supplies, operating system stored on solid-state drive (SSD) and built-in operating system recovery, AXIS S1264 Rack 144 TB provides high-performance and reliability for your system. Furthermore, the FIPS 140-2 compliant TPM guarantees a high security level by encryption of the data at rest. Includes 5-year limited hardware warranty, on-site hardware replacement and keep your hard drive services.
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